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25 Years Of Hands Of Experience 0n Medical Tehnology.

Medicine isn’t a field that yields fortune; instead, it breathes life back into the planet through the struggling souls. Our 25 years of service has been a period of yearning for the content smiles and healthy lives. We remain intact with our goal of achieving a world of serenity and well-being.



Seeing a savior in life doesn’t happen often, but what I witnessed in that hard phase will always be remembered.


Cheryl M. Bouie

The immense support to get to the end of that agonizing tunnel has been the driving force for me even today.


Jasmine G. Sanchez



Ronda R. Staples

Joseph V. Smith

Gregory K. Whitt

Kathleen M. Weber


Our Mission

The target we have set isn’t something we achieve by our own efforts. We need you to be equally strong through this process of returning to vigor.

Our Vision

We, as a community, strive to put our best efforts into creating a healthy lifestyle for the generation. Every step we take is to ensure that the patients feel the freshness of life.

Our Values

Safety of our patients is the prime concern, and we respect their rights too. We work as a team to fulfill these so that every patient walks out happily.



Health Monitoring And Diagnosis

Our sensors look for the malicious growths and organisms within one’s body to kill it in the initial stage.

Medical Treatment And Patient Care

All patients are treated with love, what we believe to be the most effective medicine. Every ailment is alleviated with the skills we possess.

Opportunities And Challenges

Every difficulty comes with a solution, and we have been effectively finding ways to reshape all these hurdles into opportunities.

Pharmaceutical Research

We have dedicated labs for the research of medicine, and every innovative idea germinates into the life-saving breath.

Clinic Performance Optimization

The optimal performance is what we seek from every healthcare professional, and we find the right ways to make it highly effective.


Quitting Smoking While Mountain Biking

Quitting Smoking

I’ve been mountain biking on and off for months now and one thing I can say about mountain biking is it is saving my life.  Since I’ve started mountain biking my craving for cigarettes and vape juice have decreased significantly.   I remember before I could actually smoke four to six cigarettes while waiting for a bus at a station or when I’m working with my laptop at a cafe sometimes I could finish half a pack and  also when I drink with my buddies I could finish a whole pack.  Basically I was your regular stereotype chain smoker.   I’d have semi shakes like a heroin addict (not that I’ve tried heroin but the exact withdrawal symptoms you’d see on tv on a much lower level).  I get really irritable with the absence of nicotine in my system.

Over the years, I’ve tried cigarette patches, nicotine gums, candy and all those ways so I could cut down on smoking and nothing seemed to work.  I did get a little head rush when I smoking while I was on the patch.   My bad habit was really starting to bother me when I was smoking more than one pack a day.  And then mountain biking happened.

When I started I really struggled especially on uphill trails and that challenged me.  I felt my heart many times pumping really hard and then it dawned on me.  I have to quit smoking. With my new hobby and fitness adventures I’ve reduced smoking to two sticks a day and soon I’ll be able to stand not smoking anymore.  Thanks to mountain biking.

4 Benefits of Health Information Technology for Nurses


Technological advancements are most often considered as a means to the betterment of tech companies. This common misconception among people stems from the lack of awareness about the information technology systems. The health care sector finds a huge scope for expansion with the support of the IT industry. Tasks such as managing the staff, accessing medical profiles, and tracking patient treatment have become a lot easier with the use of computer systems.

Nurse practitioners, along with the other professionals, need to find their space in the world of technology to form a collective push of efforts to make a substantial difference in the working of the healthcare sector. Being adept at using computers has become a requisite for every individual to be considered fit for the job of a nurse. EHR is one of the most important components of health information technology. Every healthcare center can function with excellence if the information technology system is used properly. Here are a few benefits of using technology for nurses.

1.      Increase in the Safety of Patients

Storage and display of the patient information aren’t the only benefits of using health information systems. It can also synthesize data for each patient to check the adverse effects of a prescription. Without all the relevant data for establishing a file for patients, the healthcare centers can find it difficult to organize the content. To work on the details of a patient is important, and for that to be successful, the technology must help store all the information that includes medical imaging, lab results, and other related data.

Safety of Patients

2.      Higher Efficiency in Care Coordination

Patient satisfaction has increased with time as the sharing of information became more efficient. Recording, disseminating, and sharing of logs, findings, and updates of the patient’s health follow a proper system in order to circumvent all possible mistakes on the way. Such effective information sharing techniques have helped in the coordination of care and case management, further aiding the centers in creating a peaceful experience for the patients and caretakers.

3.      Better Performance Analysis

The technology could be used to track patient care, staff performance, and efficiency of the institution. Individual skillsets could be collected to compute staffing decisions using health information technology, and it could also help in making the right treatment decisions proactively. Feedback of the patients can also be recorded with accuracy for the staff to be more careful with their behavior towards the patients.


4.      Accessibility of Patient Information

Any medical professional working with a patient can access the records by using health information technology systems to provide better treatment. Not only do the physicians, lab technicians, nurse practitioners, and specialists have access to these records; the patients can also access it whenever they want so that they get to be involved in the treatment. If the patient is well-informed about the medicines they are taking, they can have a look at the type of treatment their body is being subjected to. Caring for the patients become more of an interactive affair with this informatio9n accessibility.



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