Quitting Smoking While Mountain Biking

Quitting Smoking

I’ve been mountain biking on and off for months now and one thing I can say about mountain biking is it is saving my life.  Since I’ve started mountain biking my craving for cigarettes and vape juice have decreased significantly.   I remember before I could actually smoke four to six cigarettes while waiting for a bus at a station or when I’m working with my laptop at a cafe sometimes I could finish half a pack and  also when I drink with my buddies I could finish a whole pack.  Basically I was your regular stereotype chain smoker.   I’d have semi shakes like a heroin addict (not that I’ve tried heroin but the exact withdrawal symptoms you’d see on tv on a much lower level).  I get really irritable with the absence of nicotine in my system.

Over the years, I’ve tried cigarette patches, nicotine gums, candy and all those ways so I could cut down on smoking and nothing seemed to work.  I did get a little head rush when I smoking while I was on the patch.   My bad habit was really starting to bother me when I was smoking more than one pack a day.  And then mountain biking happened.

When I started I really struggled especially on uphill trails and that challenged me.  I felt my heart many times pumping really hard and then it dawned on me.  I have to quit smoking. With my new hobby and fitness adventures I’ve reduced smoking to two sticks a day and soon I’ll be able to stand not smoking anymore.  Thanks to mountain biking.

Quitting Smoking While Mountain Biking

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